Business Area
  • Medicine R&D

    new medicine / improved new medicine

    Development of generic medicine

    Development of veterinary medicine

    Scale-up Production application scale-up

    Medicine improvement and process troubleshooting

  • medicine quality consignment test

    Quality tests for raw material and complete medicine

    Medicine equivalence test (Comparative migration test, physicochemical equivalence test)

    Product safety test

  • Medicine consignment production

    Partial/whole process consignment production

    Consignment production and quality control of medicine for clinical trial

  • Licensing – RA Consulting

    Licensing agency for medicine and medical apparatus

    Contribution to Korean/English CTD

  • Providing test analysis solution

    Develop analytical method according to the ICH guideline and perform validation

    Ground-set test for standards and test methods

  • Medicine/medical apparatus supply

    Medicine/medical apparatus GMP designation

    Prescription-based/normal medicine supply

Business Model